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Hi, I'm Starteisha, the owner of Fifty Shades Of Body. I have been a certified body contouring technician for four years. I have a passion for learning anything regarding the anesthetics field. I am constantly researching the latest innovations that will provide the best results naturally. I enjoy working with and sharing my expertise with individuals who are investing in themselves. Alongside FSOB (Fifty Shades of Body), I am also a certified teeth whitening specialist who loves working with people and doing my best to build their confidence, one smile at a time! Here at FSOB, we offer a tranquil environment for our clients looking for a life-changing experience. FSOB is a contouring spa offering non-surgical procedures and post-op care. From beginning to end our dedicated staff ensures that your visit enhances your well-being. Our client's safety is our #1 priority. In addition to constant cleaning and professional sterilization, we adhere to all COVID-19 CDC guidelines. Upon entering, all guests are invited in with a warm smile and an unforgettable experience!


































































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